Friday, October 26, 2012

New Testament Journey Information Moved

I have learned that a web site provides a better platform than a blog for the purposes of Any Place Parish.  All of the Journey Through the New Testament resources can now be found at this web site:

There you will find the following:
  1. The Journey Reading Plan.  Dates and Bible chapters are listed so that you can read through the entire New Testament in two semesters, from September 1 through April 30.  (Two chapters are to be read on Saturday during first semester.)
  2. Presenter list.  This list gives the names and academic titles of Seminary faculty and doctoral students and Department of Religion faculty who are making presentations on the New Testament books as we read them.  All of these presenters are from Andrews University.
  3. Recordings.  The 15 to 20-minute recordings made by the presenters can be accessed here.  You will also find a few PowerPoint presentations or other materials that support the presentations.
  4. Announcements.  These announcements relate to the Any Place Parish.
  5. Questions.  One discussion question is provided for each of the New Testament chapters.  These questions are collected into each week's readings, starting with Saturday's readings.
May many blessings be yours as you read through the Word.